Tennis is Grace Strength, Rhythm and Coordination
Welcome to Art Carrington Tennis Academy
Improve your tennis game, grace, hitting power and coordinated movement at the Art Carrington family friendly day clinics taught by a United States Tennis Association, Tennis Hall of Fame Professional. Art Carrington believes that tennis lessons should be fun, accessible to a wide range of ages, and should provide attendees with skills and routines that they can practice year-round on and off the court.
Art's routines will not only improve your tennis game but also your golf, basketball, baseball or other sport. At Art Carrington's Tennis Academy parents learn skills alongside their children: how to move to the ball; maximize the effectiveness of their swing and how to draw full potential from their core muscles.

Art's philosophy: To improve ones tennis game most individuals need to improve their rhythmic movement. Key to success in the game and any sport is the ability to be centered over ones body by enhancing core muscle groups, and maximizing muscle effectiveness by improving ones grace and coordination through dynamic movement. Players will get more power from their swing if they are centered over their body, swing in a natural fulcrum and time contact with the ball at the optimum moment in physics.

Does it work?

The Arthur Carrington Tennis Academy (ACTA) boasts some of the highest-ranked juniors in New England and in the nation. ACTA offers weekday afternoon and Saturday morning clinics for juniors and adults throughout the season. Art has successfully coached many young tennis players who went on to Junior rankings, college tennis scholarships, and high school teams.

By studying these fundamentals of rhythm and movement students develop timing, confidence in movement and greater coordination on and off the court. Learning alongside parents ensures that after the lessons are over parents can continue to teach with the Art Carrington Method thereby multiplying the effectiveness and maximizing the investment of the academy.

Where Is the Academy Located?

Located in beautiful Hampshire County in South Hadley, Massachusetts on the Hampshire College campus, the Bay Road Tennis Club maintains 10 outdoor courts and 8 indoor courts for year-round tennis.

Assisting Art is his son Lex, himself a junior tennis pro and world class tennis player. He has coached on the Women's Tour and worked with the top 10 womens's in the world for 5 years. He was also a former practice partner of Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras..

Tennis is a sport that can be enjoyed at all ages and all levels of play. Come, bring the whole family and meet other families and kids interested in learning or improving their skillls.

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